Luggage Review: Why the Calpak Malden is a Great Option for Lake Tahoe Travel

Planning your next getaway to Lake Tahoe and need reliable luggage to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle? Our comprehensive review of the Calpak Malden luggage is here to guide you through its design, durability, and overall performance.

Calpak is a very popular luggage brand known for creating innovative and dependable travel pieces. Their Malden line takes travel functionality to a whole new level, seamlessly blending modern design with features that cater to the needs of every explorer- especially those like myself who travel for business and pleasure! Read on for a full review of the Calpak Malden Hardside Spinner luggage.

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Let’s Take a Look Calpak Malden Luggage Construction

Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, the Calpak Malden luggage feels incredibly lightweight yet so far, has shown itself to be a very durable shell. I purchased this particular piece because I needed to have an additional pocket to carry my laptop in.

The 20-inch spinner is the perfect size for carry-on luggage. They come in several colors and I chose the color Mineral which is a darker teal not only to differentiate from every other black luggage out there but it’s also a color that is dark enough not to show every single mark.

photo of calppak luggage in a teal color standing upright and showing locking feature

Calpak provides the following dimensions for the Malden 11in W x 20in H x 8in L and I found these dimensions to be pretty accurate.

Security is, of course, a major concern for any traveler whether they are traveling for business or vacation. The Calpak Malden luggage features an integrated TSA lock however the laptop pocket does not.

Functionality of the Malden Hardside

There are two functional aspects of the Malden Hardside Spinner that I really like. The first is the way the wheels glide seamlessly across the floor. There are eight wheels which means this luggage can spin 360 degrees.

photo of calppak luggage in a teal color standing upright

The second is the laptop front pocket which is advertised as fitting up to a 15″ laptop but my thin 17″ laptop fits it in perfectly. The front laptop pocket is padded providing protection from being jostled and lifted into an overhead compartment.

Some of the details is what sets this luggage apart from others, like the notches on the zippers which make them easy to grasp.

Thoughts on the Calpak Malden Hardside Luggage

After using this piece of luggage for about 8 months I’ve been pretty happy with how it’s held up. It’s sleek and modern, has a unique color that I rarely see out in the wild and has a front pocket to slip my laptop in easily so I don’t have to carry it in my backpack.

Now, no piece of luggage is perfect, and the Calpak Malden Spinner is no exception. The telescoping handle can be a bit finicky at times. There have been occasions where it didn’t extend or retract as smoothly as I’d like. A little tug usually sorts it out, but it’s something to keep in mind.

photo of calppak luggage in a teal color open to show interior pockets

The Calpak Malden Spinner’s spacious interior makes it suitable for a variety of clothing items commonly packed for a summer trip to Lake Tahoe. The main compartment can easily hold bulkier items like hiking boots and cozy sweaters, while the potential presence of compartments (depending on the specific model) allows for the organization of smaller items like swimwear and quick-drying hiking clothes. This keeps my clothes organized and simplifies finding specific items during my trip. I also love these packing cubes to help fit everything in the luggage!

Let’s talk about the price tag. The Calpak Malden Spinner isn’t exactly budget-friendly and can run around $300 per item depending on size. But hey, quality often comes at a cost, right? The good news is, I’ve seen it on sale quite often on Amazon and even scored an amazing deal at TJ Maxx. So, if you’re patient and keep an eye out for deals, you can snag this quality piece of luggage without breaking the bank.

It’s worth mentioning that while the Calpak Malden Spinner is incredibly lightweight, I travel with a hefty gaming laptop that tends to make the whole suitcase a bit top-heavy. This has resulted in a few tip-overs, especially when rushing to catch a flight and not paying close attention. However, for travelers with standard laptops or those who pack more evenly distributed weight, this shouldn’t be an issue. The lightweight design paired with the spinner wheels makes maneuvering a breeze, so as long as you keep the center of gravity balanced, you should be good to go!

Overall, the Calpak Malden Spinner is a great option for travelers who value style, functionality, and smooth rolling. While the occasional handle hiccup and the lack of a laptop compartment lock are minor drawbacks, the overall positive features make it a solid choice. Just remember to be on the lookout for those sales!

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