Grocery Stores Near Stateline Nevada

Planning a trip to the stunning South Lake Tahoe? Don’t forget to factor in your grocery needs!  For those staying in a cozy cabin or a luxurious hotel, having delicious and convenient food options nearby is crucial. This guide will navigate your grocery shopping journey near Stateline, Nevada, highlighting the top stores, their specialties, and the best spots for specific products!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is an organic full service grocery store chain operating primarily in California and Nevada. They offer a huge stock of groceries, making them a one-stop shop for most grocery needs.  This is by far the closest grocery store to Stateline, Nevada.  For the most part, Whole Foods is on the smaller side but has a friendly staff and you can find fresh organic foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen items like ice cream plus everything you need to make a cup of coffee.

The best aspect of Whole Foods is its hot bar.  At the Stateline Whole Foods hot bar, visitors can find soups, a pizza station, salad ingredients plus hot items like various chicken, rice, and pasta dishes.  This is a great place to purchase several items to make a picnic and head to one of the beaches near South Lake Tahoe, like Zephyr Cove.

Whole Foods is also the place to get natural supplements which is pretty rare in South Lake Tahoe.

We love Whole Foods because it’s one of the cleanest grocery stores near Stateline, has parking, and offers delivery!

Address: 3600 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


While primarily known as a pharmacy chain, CVS also offers a limited selection of groceries, making it a convenient option if you need to grab essential items or quick snacks. They typically have snacks like candy, cookies, chips, granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit. You can also find pantry staples like cereal, ramen, peanut butter, jelly, bread, coffee, tea, canned goods, and sometimes frozen food. In addition to essential grocery supplies, they might have basic condiments and personal care items. 

It’s important to remember that the selection is really limited compared to a dedicated grocery store like Whole Foods or Safeway and may be more expensive.  This particular CVS has zero parking and your best bet is to park at the Bally’s parking garage, walk through the casino, and outside to get to the CVS. If you need to stock your vacation rental stick to Safeway or Whole Foods!

Address: 31 Hwy 50 Ste 101 Stateline, NV 89449


On the way to Lake Tahoe’s beautiful West Shore, you will pass a Safeway grocery store.  Safeway is a full-service grocery store chain operating throughout the Lake Tahoe area. They offer a wide variety of food and household items, making them a one-stop shop for most grocery needs.  You can find fresh produce, meat and seafood, dairy and eggs, pantry staples, frozen food, bakery goods, and household items like paper products, cleaning supplies, and personal care items.

The Safeway near Stateline also has a deli and pharmacy. This is a great place to get a deli sandwich, chips, and a drink and then have a picnic at a nearby Stateline beach!

This particular Safeway location near Zephyr Cove has a large parking lot, making it convenient to visit by car or a ride-sharing service. Safeway also offers grocery delivery through DoorDash.

Address: 212 Elks Point Rd Zephyr Cove, NV 89448


Raley’s was a regular grocery store that was pretty big not far from Stateline. The Raley’s near Stateline closed last year due to a roof cave-in.  Rumor is a Target will move into this location so stay tuned because Target has a surprisingly good amount of groceries in their cold section!

Specialty Grocery Stores Near Stateline

Mohagony Meats

Mahogany Meats in Stateline, Nevada is a specialty store known for its small-batch, premium smoked meats, featuring hams, bacon, jerky, and more. They are known for using 300-year-old mountain mahogany logs in their smoking process, which gives their meats a unique and delicious flavor. This store is an awesome little gem to get snacks and beef jerky gifts!

Try out the peppered elk and teriyaki brisket, two of their best sellers.

Address: 4125 Lake Tahoe Blvd Ste C South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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Dart Beverage Center

Dart Beverage Center is a liquor store established in 1975 and is Lake Tahoe’s largest and most legendary liquor store and tobacco shop.  They also have a walk-in humidor, an igloo beer cave, and a growler station. Dart Beverage Center has a good selection of IPA’s and is one of the best grocery stores for specialty alcoholic beverages in the area.

Address: 148 US Hwy 50 Stateline, NV 89449

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