Honest Thoughts on Hell’s Kitchen South Lake Tahoe

Nestled in the heart of a casino in South Lake Tahoe, Hell’s Kitchen is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience. This restaurant serves up a delicious blend of American and British cuisine in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Located in Harvey’s Casino, Gordon Ramsay’s hit show is now a restaurant chain with the other location being in Las Vegas. Read on for all the details on our trip to Hell’s Kitchen South Lake Tahoe.

Harvey’s Casino isn’t the classiest place but we weren’t there to spend time in the dreary casino.  The restaurant itself is on the third floor and it is bright so it’s tough to miss. 

Hell’s Kitchen Tahoe is decorated similarly to the show set.  I was surprised at how small the restaurant was and that the seating is a mix of high tops and low tables.  We were seated on the wall that held photos of all the Hell’s Kitchen winners.  The kitchen is open and there are seats directly in front of the serving pass. 

We had an early reservation to celebrate our anniversary and the restaurant was fairly quiet when we arrived.  Later in our meal, I realized that it gets loud and the tables were very close together so it felt extra noisy.

Hell’s Kitchen Tahoe Food

The husband ordered the prix fixe menu ($75 for 3 courses) and I ordered the lobster risotto and filet.  The risotto was delicious, and the lobster was perfectly cooked, not overly done, and rubbery.  For $25 additional you can have truffles shaved on the top but I passed.

Hell's Kitchen Tahoe lobster risotto

My husband chose the Caesar salad which had far too much dressing.  The Beef Wellington arrived soon after and while the flavor was good, the pastry was a bit soggy. 

My filet was perfectly cooked and the bearnaise sauce was AMAZING! I also ordered a side of mac and cheese and I was disappointed that it was bland.  It needed salt and frankly more cheese.  

For dessert, we were provided a complimentary dessert, which was a mini version of their famous sticky toffee pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate square that had “Happy Anniversary” on it.

I didn’t think I would be a fan because of the texture but it’s a decadent dessert with a silky caramel sauce.  Just a really thoughtful and delicious ending to our meal.

I have zero complaints about the service, multiple people checked in on us and our water cups were never empty.  Hell’s Kitchen has a full bar and several specialty cocktails starting at $20, but I ordered a lemon drop and it was delicious.  

So, is Hell’s Kitchen worth the drive and the cost?  It’s fun for a special event but I can’t recommend regular meals.  The dishes are just too inconsistent and the location leaves a lot to be desired.  

Where is Hell’s Kitchen Tahoe located?

Hell’s Kitchen is located on the third floor of Harvey’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe.  Strangely there isn’t a bathroom in the restaurant, you have to take an escalator up to another floor.



Reservations can be made through Open Table but note, they are regularly booked up. We were able to slip in on a canceled reservation.

Where is the parking located at Hell’s Kitchen Tahoe?

There’s a parking garage next to Harvey’s where there is plenty of parking (Hell’s Kitchen will validate your parking ticket.)

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Hells Kitchen Tahoe Dress Code

It says business casual on the website but when we arrived, we saw people in shorts and jeans.  This restaurant is right off the entrance to the casino so I wasn’t surprised to see people dressed super casually.

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