Soda Springs Ski Resort (Review and Tips!)

Soda Springs Ski Resort is located just south of Truckee, CA.   It’s a great place for beginning skiers and families with small children that want a place to play in the snow. Here are some tips for visiting Soda Springs Resort just south of Truckee!

Soda Springs Ski resort

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Soda Springs Ski Resort Review

Driving to Soda Springs Ski Resort

Conveniently located right of I-80, you can reach this spot in under 2 hours from Sacramento.  As a rule please check the Tahoe travel website for driving conditions before heading up to the snow from the Bay Area. 

Make sure to have lots of snacks and a set of chains if your vehicle isn’t 4-wheel drive. 

Buying Tickets for Soda Springs Ski Resort

Trust me when I say that you are going to want to avoid the lines so buy your tickets online.  When we arrived there was no line but within 15 minutes a long line had formed.  By afternoon a friend met us and was able to buy tickets on her phone. The line was over an hour long with only two windows open. 

Soda Springs has kiosks where you can print out your tickets so plan ahead, avoid the lines and get busy having fun instead! 

Season tickets for adults start at $239 for adults and $139 for children. 

Parking at Soda Springs Ski Resort

Parking is free, however, it is so important to get there early!  The main parking lot was full approximately half an hour after opening. 

Soda Springs has an overfill parking lot across the street but it’s so much more convenient to park in the main area, especially if you have to get something out of your car during your visit.

Tubing Info for Soda Springs Ski Resort

Tube Town is where the large tubing hill is.  Children need to be at least 42” tall to participate in Tube Town.  I found this area very organized and there are employees at the top and bottom directing traffic up the conveyor.

The staff will hold the line to enable the tubers coming down the hill to clear out the area.  Just a warning that there are definitely faster lanes than others.  After a scary first ride, they ended up putting more hay on the middle lane since tubers were going to the top of the stop area!

Soda Springs Ski resort tube town

Planet kids tubing hill is for little kids 7 and under.  The tubes are tiny and the hills are slow, perfect for toddlers.  I noticed that there was staff at the bottom of the hill directing kids to exit the area when they were done with their tube run.  Apparently, that isn’t always the case so if you don’t see people in red coasts assisting be sure to pay attention to your child and assistantships them with taking their tube out of the area. 

“Planet Kids” also has a Tube Carousel, Skiing/Snowboarding, and Snowman building. Each Planet Kid ticket includes the choice to pick Snowboard/Ski, plus a helmet and parents can enter the park free of cost with their kids.

Food at Soda Springs Resort

Trust me on this one, bring your own food and have a picnic in your car.  A coffee and hot cocoa were $4 each with no refills.  Everything is fried and overpriced for example a chili dog is $10. 

Trust me when I say pack a lunch and save some money.  Soda Springs doesn’t allow people to bring lunch and sit at the tables but you will see plenty of people breaking the rules.  They might ask you to go outside to eat your food so heads up. 

The food area has signs telling people there is a 45-minute limit at the tables yet we did see people holding tables for over 1.5 hours. There aren’t any restaurants nearby but Truckee is a quick 15-minute drive and has plenty of options for lunch.


Dogs are not allowed in the resort. We saw people bringing their dogs in and the staff asked repeatedly for them to leave.

Adults must pay full price for a ticket even if they are just observing their children.

If you are interested in a season pass, purchase from the sister resort at Boreal. The passes work at Soda Springs, however, if you get a Soda Springs to pass you cannot use it at Boreal.

Soda Springs offers a discounted holiday rate for children’s skiing and snowboarding lessons. We paid $109 and it included the lift ticket and gear rental. The staff was so friendly and worked hard with our daughter to learn the basics!

Soda Springs Ski Resorts FAQ’s

Is Soda Springs good for beginners?

Soda Springs might be the one that is most tailored to young kids and first-time skiers.

Are dogs are allowed here?

Dogs are not allowed at Soda Springs Ski resort.

Do adults need a mountain adventure ticket to get in or is that for kids only?

Yes, adults need tickets to access the mountain adventure area.

Are the adults allowed to go the tubes with kids or on the tubes at all at the planet kids?

No, tubes are for kids in the Planet Kids area but there is a tubing area for adults.

What is the Address of Soda Springs Resort?

10244 Soda Springs Rd Soda Springs, CA 95728

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